Innovative Staircase Design

Staircases are being designed these days in ever increasingly creative ways. No longer is a set of stairs just a bunch of steps leading to another level of a structure, staircases are now being looked at as a design element all of their own. Building on the idea of spiral staircases, floating staircases are like an enclosed spiral staircase that looks like an optical illusion. Ultra-modern and sleek, floating staircases can be made of wood or metal depending on the surrounding decorating theme.

In homes where space is of the essence, staircases can be built in such a fashion that storage is available down the outside edge. Another idea for staircase storage is making drawers out of the risers. Hidden from view, you can use the drawers to store almost anything - from boots to photographs. If you are looking to update the look of your existing staircase, try using color and texture for new appeal. Bold accent colors of paint or wallpaper coupled with shaggy carpet on each stair top create the appearance of your staircase being a room on its own. Stagger wall art up and down the staircase wall in bold and complementary colors to the wall.

Creative ways to use the nook under a staircase is to install a bookshelf or even a wine rack! Stick a computer desk under the stairs for a home office area that is cozy and quiet. Make sure of course to carpet the stairs to reduce the foot traffic noise. An extremely resourceful and imaginative use for that wasted space under the stairs is a built-in aquarium. Carefully designed and crafted, staircase aquariums are a unique addition to your house that will become an instant gathering spot for your guests.

How about using that under the stairs space to put in a home entertainment system? With the wiring hidden behind the space, you don't have to worry about unsightly electric wires hanging down from behind your television and trailing to all of your other components. Staircases can sometimes be dark and uninviting. Install wall scones, which seem to cascade down the wall, or if there is a window, remove the curtain and let the natural light spill in. Making sure that your staircase is safe from tripping hazards is another key element in successful staircase design. If there are children or elderly people residing in the home, keep their needs in mind while creating staircase.

Staircases that are at the entry area of the home need to stand out and make a lovely first impression. If there is a landing area, perhaps add a comfortable chair and small table with a lamp, a few books, and a plant. Your foyer and staircase need to look inviting and welcoming, so opt for furniture and colors that set the tone. Don't forget about the railing of your staircase. When possible, decorate the railing with plants, lights, or something fun. If the railing is wooden, paint it an accentuating color to make it stand out. For more ideas on making over your staircase into an element of style and beauty, check out