Innovative Pool Design

Swimming pools are one of every homeowner's dream projects. If given the opportunity to install a pool, why do what everyone else is doing? Creative pool designs can make your next backyard get-together awe-inspiring fun! A bit of research online at sites such as can help you find the perfect swimming pool design team or even locate pool plans available to purchase.

The pool design is only part of the overall package. The pool deck needs to complement the pool layout as well as the landscaping and features of the area. Decisions as to diving boards, handicap access, and lighting need to be factored into the pool design as well. There are many innovative pool designs that can incorporate waterfalls and beach areas into the pool. You can even simulate a river into your pool's blueprint. A river current can be a creative way to incorporate exercise into your pool by allowing for walking or swimming against the current.

Swimming pool shapes are endless. The classic rectangular pool is still popular, but groundbreaking designs are available as well. It is important that your inventive design is sound and safe, so make sure the design has been created by or approved by a qualified structural engineer. Steel reinforced pools made of concrete are advisable. Creative combinations of pools with spas and water features like mini waterfalls are spectacular additions to you basic pool. Check with your area building codes to make sure you are within the regulations with your design before you get started digging, but once approved, pull out all the stops and make your pool the best you can think of.

While there are common features of swimming pools such as having dimensions of roughly 15' wide and 30' long, you can literally make your swimming pool in any shape you want. No longer are you stuck with the traditional rectangular or kidney shapes, draw out your idea and let a pool design engineer check it out for safety. In-ground swimming pools are a fantastic investment for not only for your family's enjoyment, but can add a great deal of value to your home. Keep in mind the possibility of selling your home when designing the pool to make sure it is not so unique that other people cannot see the value.

Using glass tile is a revolutionary development in the pool industry. The palaces of ancient Greeks and Romans are inspiration for glass tile being integrated into pool design. With so many possible combinations, pool designers are having fun letting their imaginations go wild. Pool designs are virtually endless and with all of the new materials being used in their creation, there is literally nothing you cannot create with a little imagination and know how.

Elements such as fountains, vanishing edges, fire features, and fiber optic lights create one of a kind pool features that are spectacular additions to any backyard pool. Hot tubs that waterfall into your heated pool or stainless steel pools are new design ideas that are catching on, and when enveloped in a water sealed, wooden deck, the effect can be utterly breathtaking.