Innovative Bedroom Design

Your bedroom should be a refuge and quiet zone where you can go to relax and rejuvenate at the end of your day. Many people find that their bedrooms are anything, but comforting, as they have brought in televisions and computer desks. Bedrooms should not become another family room or office, yet that is exactly what many bedrooms have turned into. If you have found your bedroom to be less desirable lately, why not try a creative makeover to restore it to its intended purpose.

Innovative ideas are rampant online at sites such as, and even a walk through the mall can give you some inspired thoughts for your revamped bedroom. Whether you want to completely overhaul your bedroom or simply organize the clutter, there are many pioneering developments in the area of bedroom decor. Simplify your bedroom by giving your closet a makeover. Organization methods are becoming bold and interesting facets of decorating, so no more boring closets filled to brim with clutter. Under the bed boxes are another way to de-clutter your bedroom and usher in a new era of relaxation.

Vintage style and color designs are back in fashion and pulling ideas all the way back to the 40s is all the rage. Orange, brown and aqua are fantastic color options. Upholstered headboards and paneled drapes in retro patterns can be one way to revive the look of your bedroom. The modern look of bold colors and shiny surfaces can extend into your bedroom if you enjoy sleek and sparse d├ęcor. Pairing black furniture with white walls and fabrics, then sprinkling red accents about is a chic look that is sophisticated and sleek. Try to incorporate your own special pieces into the new design to keep the room feeling homey and comfortable.

Make your bedroom an inviting retreat with comfortable seating areas and a space for books. Remove the television and any other electronic distractions. Ample lighting and cozy quilts and afghans help to create a novel approach to bedroom design that is all about unwinding. A new and inspired design for bedrooms is the mixing of various textures. Woven baskets, furry comforters, silk sheets, and thick rugs make for an interesting bedroom style. Colors of chocolate brown and cotton candy pink combine to accentuate the merger of textures. A more masculine combination of chocolate and aqua can be just as inviting.

Dark colors are the best choice for a bedroom in which you can easily fall asleep. Mahogany or cherry colored furniture and velvety fabrics in dark colors help your mind to turn off and start to prepare for sleep. Sophisticated pairing of colors and artwork can inspire your bedroom to be the best room of the house. Keep in mind that bold and innovative bedroom designs do not need to cost a fortune or take a lot of time. Whether you are more comfortable with modern and sleek or cozy and traditional, bedrooms today can consist of a variety of styles and colors while maintaining the overall relaxed feeling you need to help you unwind.