Innovative Bathroom Design

Bathrooms these days do not need to be boring. Many groundbreaking designs exist to revamp your bathroom and make it look as though you have hired a decorator. Websites such as can help you create a beautiful bathroom for your home. Traditional bathroom tile can be updated with tile stickers or decals. Your entire bathroom can take on a different look by simply applying these waterproof and beautiful tile stickers. Remember to be careful when cleaning the tiles after applying the stickers, but they will last for a very long time and stand up to all the steam your shower can put out.

Open cabinets under the sink can create an airy look that can be complemented by an all white look. White paint, white towels, and even white rugs and shower curtains can transform your bathroom into a beautiful and serene look. Accent the décor with plants and one other color to make the entire room pop. A bathroom can be given a rustic look by covering the walls with pine bead board. Continue the theme by changing up the light fixtures and hardware of the room. Stone tiled flooring and plants round out the look.

Romantic bathrooms are relaxing and sophisticated. The new and original products available for bathroom fixtures and décor can transform your bathroom into feeling like a spa. Colors such as eggshell and lilac are comforting so fill some baskets filled with towels of those shades. If room permits, add a chair or small table by the tub to hold candles. A bold new look for your bathroom is a sleek black and white decor. Wallpaper of black and white stripes and stainless steel hardware and fixtures make a luxurious backdrop for your bathroom. Add one bright color to accentuate the monochrome style such as hot pink or red. Topiaries and candles add just the right touch to your updated lavatory.

Create a tranquil haven in your bathroom with gold hardware and fixtures paired with bright white tub, toilet, and sink bowl. Pink and white or burgundy with eggshell are nice color combinations that can help create a peaceful bathroom. Look for new shapes and sizes of baskets that can be used in your bathroom to assist with the organization of your new room. Crazy colors that are not normally looked at as bathroom colors such as bright yellow or green apple create a bathroom that is a treat to get ready for work in. Children's bathrooms are one of the best rooms to try this bold statement. Try to avoid making the bathroom look circus-like, but don't be afraid to mix and match styles and color schemes.

Marble can be an expensive way to redo the bathroom, but faux marble is quite affordable. Today you can find many items the look like real marble with a lower price tag. Add gold painted framing to the mirror behind the sink and update the fixtures and hardware with gold as well. Original and creative designs exist to make your classy and refined bathroom come to life, while wicker baskets, plush rugs, and sheer window coverings complete the look.